Coast Capital Headquarters

Coast Capital Headquarters


Coast Capital Headquarters

Vancouver, BC

The eye-catching curtain wall that adorns the new headquarters of Coast Capital Savings is a reflection of the modern spaces within. NFL’s team of designers and engineers worked closely with the architect on a design-assist basis to devise a seamless curtain wall system that fits over the dramatic positive and negative slopes of the building.

Coast Capital Northern Facades Project


The nature and complexity of the proposed facade demanded innovative thinking right from the start. Custom design in fabrication was needed to accommodate the steep inclines (both positive and negative) of the building chamfers.

Custom design is present virtually at every turn. With both positive and negative slopes, vents were designed to work both with and against gravity. Opposing slopes come together at 90-degree angles, and sealed glazing units had to be reversed depending on the slope direction.

Custom glass units with hidden mechanical fasteners were made to suit the design, which featured structural silicone joints with no pressure plates or cover caps.

No fewer than 62 new custom extrusions were created to accommodate the shape of the building. A two-story corner mockup was produced to test fit and performance.


Delivering on the desired aesthetic by being able to address the technical challenges of the project is the highly visible and obvious legacy of this project. We are perhaps most proud of meeting those challenges alongside our partners on the project, with a shared dedication to getting the job done the right way, and in doing so building relationships that will last beyond the completion of the project.

Coast Capital Northern Facades Project
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